Our Story


Diana and Daniel are getting Married on May 28, 2016. Their story began over a decade ago, when a skinny, little 8th grader in Summer Math Class first laid eyes on a girl with the darkest hair and the biggest eyes he’d ever seen.

They became friends, well that’s what Daniel thought. And they danced once in their 8th grade prom. Even though Diana can’t recollect that ever happening. It would take a couple of years before Diana and Daniel got to know each other before making the big leap of becoming boyfriend and girlfriend.

On the very last day of their 10th grade year, they walked home together. Daniel asked her out. She said no. She didn’t want to have a boyfriend for the summer, because in her mind, every time she had a summer boyfriend, it was not a serious relationship. She was saving Daniel, in a sense. So he waited. And waited. And waited. It was the longest summer of his life.

She got another boyfriend. Bummer. Right? Yeah. Teenager girls can be ruthless at times.

Well it only lasted two weeks and she realized all the great things she was missing out by not being with Daniel. So she dumped the guy and went running to Daniel. Ever since then, she has been filled with a life of laughter, enjoyment, and adventure.

(By now I bet you know who is the author of this story)



Many years passed. Diana and Daniel went to the same community college together. Graduated together from the same university. They lived away from each other for a couple of years. Long distance relationships are hard, but Diana and Daniel made it work.

When Daniel came back, he asked her to marry him on top of Mt. Baldy. She said yes.

Diana and Daniel have lived through many of life’s major moments both good and bad. They have always stuck together. They are best friends. They are soulmates.

Now they are having a wedding and are excited to have their family and friends join in on the festivities.

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